To learn about each other, identify, and maybe even find a friend close by.

If you wish to be included:
PLEASE provide this information in an email: (click mail box below)

*state YOU live in
(if you wish the town or area you live in,
*your name (and spouse if you wish)
*name of child
*birth and heaven dates
*what was cause of death
*Please state only child if there are no siblings.
*siblings if you wish and their birth dates so everyone can see their age.
*e-mail address
*web site if you have one
* Add your child's picture or a picture of you and your child together to your information. send me the picture you wish. The height of the picture should be 3 1/2 inches 72 DPI or 250 pixels.
I can resize it for you if you do not know how.

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Ad your personal or business websites also!
Such as MySpace or blogs or a business you might have.
Also... if you have written a book or have some kind of ministry you do for bereaved parents, please send me information and I will include it with your post.

When you see that I have posted your information....PLEASE !!! check it all out,
try the links and the email. This way we can make sure your information is right.

If you see you would like something changed, just let me know.
There are sooooo many people requesting daily that mistakes are going to happen.

I am limiting one website per child. Also just one email addy.
(if you have more than one child I put a ribbon that has the link in front of each name
for multiple sites)

Remember to put my e-mail address in your ok to get e-mails.... so I can e-mail you for any questions.

Also remember that this map is so we can contact each other, if you have an AOL or other e-mail that doesn't let new people contact you, then you might want to get a yahoo e-mail just so you can hear from new people.   (If you change e-mail addresses Please let me know, Thanks)

To Link to Wounded Hearts

    to link your site to the map you may use this small map picture,
    just right click and save to your computer and your site.

    Then add the following code:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="whmap.jpg" border="0"></a>

Please do not link directly to the picture on my site, Thank you.


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