Wounded Hearts is proud to give our special award to sites and people who are doing some very special things for bereaved parents.

    When you see our award on a web site you will know that here is someone using their talents and what they have learned in their grief journey to help others.

    The quality of the web site is not as important as the caring and love that is exemplified through the site and/or the person.

    This award is a very special thank you from all of us who have Wounded Hearts.

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    Buy on Amazon! Help support this site! February 2006 Award Winner ~ Doris
    Always Loved ~ Never Forgotten Newsletter/Support Group. I have enjoyed Doris' newsletter for years now. She is a source of encouragement.
    Her son is Andrew Craig Hooker Click here to visit him.


    January 2006 Award Winner ~ Mitch Carmody

    I met Mitch through TCF Atlanta Online when he posted his story of the Ring of Grief(Journey to Mordor). He sends in articles from time to time that really touch many of us bereaved parents. His son Kelly died of cancer, he and his wife Barb experianced many of the experiances that I did.


    Sept. to Dec. is the time of the year when life gets a little hard to deal with.


    August 2005 Award Winner ~ Rosemary Smith
    She is an amazing woman. She has written the book "Children of the Dome" which she has sent with no charge out in a grief packet to thousands of people through the years. She lost 2 sons Drew and Jeremiah to a car accident


    July 2005 Award Winner~ Jayne
    The Compassionate Friends of Atlanta Georgia
    She puts of the very best newsletter I have found that is avallable to bereaved parents. TCF Atlanta Online... check it out!
    Jayne's son is Chad Click here to visit him.

    May 2005 Award Winner ~ Sharon Bryant
    Finding no groups, no one to talk to in 1977 after losing her son Andy, she took the rough road of grief alone. Many years later after getting a computer she found support groups on the net. With the years and experiance she had, she used the net to give the support she never recieved to those who needed it. Angels Remembered is for any bereaved parent. You can place a child's photo there, go to a child's memorial or contact another parent if they wish.

    "Even after all these years since my son died, it helps me to help another. One day, all bereaved parents who are just beginning this journey will be where I am at. And then they can extend their hand and help another who is just beginning the life change we all experience when our child dies."

    April 2005 Award Winner ~ Dinah Taylor
    Dianh's only child Jim Taylor, II was killed in an auto accident the night before his high school graduation May 20th 1991. Since that time she has been reaching out to other bereaved parents. She authored a snail mail newsletter in the days before the net. She now has an on line newsletter, Lamintations, that you can sign up for at her site.

    March 2005 Award Winner ~ Cindy Jo Greever
    Founder and Moderator of "Heart to Heart Hope and Healing"
    Healinghearts For Bereaved Parents
    Cindy Jo has been a tremendous blessing to myself as well as others.
    She gives her wisdom and time selflessly.
    Click the award and read a synopsis of her ministry and journey of her grief. 

    February 2005 Award Winner ~ Maria Faller

    Maria has been creating web sites for bereaved parents free of charge, in honor of her son Christopher for many years. She also is known for welcoming and comforting new bereaved parents.
    Click the award to find out about her website ministry.  

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