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        March 31, 2006... Life again! Yea!!!!

Never thought I would get here... I can not express the joy I feel because the all encompassing sadness is gone and has stayed gone for months now!

A friend asked me how I was loosing weight. ( lost 70 and still going...)
Posted below is my response.

How I lost my weight... I know this all works!
However first.. I want to stress something.
I was never overweight before my last child and Michael's death. I had lost the weight from my last child then Michael died and I gained over 90 pounds due to stress and that horrible depression that goes with loosing a child.
It will be harder to loose if it has been a problem all or most your life.

  • First the sadness and depression is gone! Hallelujah!!!
  • Stop coffee
  • Drink green tea. ... Green tea speeds up your metabolism and gives energy.
  • Don't eat after 6:00 pm
  • Eat every 2 or 3 hours... very small meals. Don't let yourself get really hungry.
  • Stop all junk foods. no pop or chips!
  • Get plenty of sleep.... it's important to loosing weight... go to sleep early & wake early!
  • Move.... do extra things that require extra movement.. park farther away from Wal-Mart's door... put away things one at a time ... I quit asking the kids to get me things and get them myself
  • ( I am at the stage now where I am adding exercises... I couldn't do them before. I have started Pilates.)
  • I put myself first at times... doing things just for myself... my art fulfills that area. So does my websites.
    (I used to have a problem with that like mommys so often do... everyone else came first and IF anything was left over that was my time)

That's about it... the funny thing was that I was doing all this before I knew that it all helped loose weight.. found out after the fact...

My friend wrote back wanting to know a listing of what and how I eat.
  • If you snack every two to three hours you keep your metabolism working....just don't eat bigger than child-size servings.

  • Drink lot's of water ! ! whenever you start to get hungry drink a glass of water then wait a minute or so and if you still want to eat... eat. Sometimes your body is just telling you it is thirsty. (it also helps with your skin...)

  • use minimal salt or Lawry's Perfect Blend (or whatever seasoning you prefer) use garlic and onion powder to taste (it's good for you).

  • eat baked chicken or fry in olive oil plain without flour.

  • serving size no bigger than your fist...

  • baked salmon with Lawry's Perfect Blend seasoning for fish, I put a small amount of real butter also (don't use margarine)...

  • sometimes I will go get a spoon full of peanut butter (natural is best)... sometimes I will put a slice of apple with the peanut butter... and save the rest of the apple for later or give it to the kids.

  • a large spoon full of low-fat cottage cheese with a large spoon of low-fat yogurt make a complete protein

  • don't eat a lot of fruit... make your main food proteins and veggies

  • eat lots of green vegetables!! Broccoli is the very best.. it takes more calories to eat it than it gives.. you can snack all day on it..(warning... it does give bad breath.. keep sugar free gum on hand)

  • don't get a variety of food at a time... the less selections of food available the less you will feel compelled to eat. do different varieties different weeks or months.

  • as you get used to eating this way... eat a little less every once in a while . Don't let yourself get hungry.. you will over eat.

  • This is a life change not a temporary change... It becomes that way naturally if you just keep it up.

  • I do not have a daily sampling because I am so unorganized at this time in my life it is pathetic so you can decide how you want to do it. Just don't give yourself to many options at a time... it's like when you go to a buffet... you overeat because there is just too much to choose from.
My little brother gave me a lot of these hints about food... he is a champion body builder.... looks pretty good for close to 45 years old... doesn't he.

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