Thank you

I am so sorry I have not done this before now... My heart just wasn't ready...
All that was done still did not save Michael. However it sure gave Michael a new look at his life. He got to see that he really was loved. His family and friends worked hard, and even strangers who heard his story wanted to help.
I told him one day that people all over the world were praying for him
For him to visualize hundreds and thousands of hands raised high to the Lord with him resting on top.I will never forget the way he looked and the smile of self worth,
All the attention made him feel strange, for he was not used to it. But it made him smile, I saw his face as he watched the video of the old video store that was used to sell items that people brought.
There was everything you could imagine there, from toys for little ones to toys for a grown man
One family donated a very nice riding lawnmower. There were 2 cars sold. Lots and lots of small items.

Thank you to both of my Church Families Cornerstone Community E.Free & Cedar Ridge E.Free who found I was going to raise money and joined in with a great passion.
Also letting us use the annex in the shopping center the church was located in to have the sale, without charge.

My Dear Mother who worked so hard for so many weeks, getting donations, setting up the store, working it, then taking it to her home town, and doing it for more weeks as we went to the clinic.

Karen Valentine who always is there with her worn shoulders, for sitting with me while Michael had the back /cancer surgery, and Sherry Bryant for being there not only for me but also for Karen.

Harrisonville Wal-Mart for paint and Michael's camp friends Mothers (I'll put their names as soon as I can remember) who painted his room for him.

Harrisonville Wal-Mart for metal clothing racks for use at the sale.

Click here for a list of all the businesses who donated items

Allen Bank who gave me the Travelers Checks without cost

Angel Flight for flying us without charge

My brother and sister in law who kept the children while we were gone

My church family who was here for us when we came back with help in my house dutys, giving me a rest, also for the food brought in and the prayers and encouragement.

Some special church family that I wish to mention....
  • Kim Fisher who spent countless hours giving herself and her love... coming out at four in the morning when I was crying so hard she heard me in her house and woke up. I wouldn't have gotten through the hardest times in my life without her shoulder and friendship...(I miss you Kim)
  • Peggy Heid... all the calls, some when I realized my worst fears had come true... crying on her shoulder also...
  • The elders in our church, Cornerstone, for their support and prayers
  • Jay Minnic for sitting with Michael his last day of life
  • Martha Gilbert for sitting with me while I received the worst news of my life my boy was going to die that day

  • I'll finish this another day.... it hurts to much right now....