Michael Anthony
September 23, 1980 - September 17, 2001

We Love YOU!

Grandma's Poems
for her grandson and daughter

    Our Amazing Grandson

    Our story now it doth unfold
    and is so very clear.
    Of our dear grandson up above,
    who in our hearts we hold so dear.

    age 6 months
    We remember back a few years ago
    when he was so very small.
    He was so very, very ill.
    There wasnít much of him at all.

    age almost 2 years
    But as you held him in your arms
    and looked into his face,
    a glow of light youíd always see
    like you saw Jesus in his place.
    age 3 years
    He couldnít run or speak so well
    and his hearing did almost go.
    But the smile he had upon his face,
    just never lost itís glow.

    Now as the years has gone by,
    as a teenager, heís won the prize.
    He still wasnít in stature, very big.
    but his heart of love was over-sized

            at camp, making hemp jewelry
    He had given his heart to Christ
    and lived his life for Him.
    He was always a happy camper.
    When too old, he was a leader then. ,

    the day his back broke

    He made each day in his life count,
    so off to college he did go.
    And on his job he worked so hard,
    he wanted to run the race you know.

        6 weeks before he died
    And tho he had a dread disease that would
    take his life, he still would not let go
    He was always walking with his Lord,
    and his face never lost itís glow.

    Dear God, you have a real prize up there.
    We didnít really want to let him go.
    But we know that heís within Your care
    and his smile continues still to glow.

    By Oneita Pyle Feb. 11, 2003

Written for Patricia my daughter,
by Oneita Pyle, Grandma to Michael

Michaelís Final Flight

Birthdays are joyous occasions,
not a time to cry, but cheer.
Even though there comes a time
when the guest of honor canít appear.

Birthdays start when life begins,
a son is placed within our care
God gave us this child to raise for Him
that while on earth his love we share.

His life was planned so very carefully.
God knew when and where it should start.
He also knew the joy that Mike would bring
into the lives in which he had a part.

But when God loaned this child to us,
He also knew how and when he must depart
for his Eternal Home in Heaven,
yet still could dwell within our hearts.

Tho we now have sadness in our hearts
when comes this celebration day.
Itís because we long to feel his touch,
for sometimes he seems so far away.

We donít need to wait for birthdays
to remember how much he meant
Because his love lives on forever,
for he touched lives where ere he went.

Yes, Michael now has a new body.
Itís simply perfect in every way.
Heís living now in Godís great kingdom,
waiting for us some glorious day.

So we hang on to our precious memories.
Keep them close within our hearts.
And remember God only loaned him
for us to love and enjoy from the start

By Oneita Pyle Feb. 10 2003

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