I wish to put a little something in about this poem...
the Bible is clear that there is one Mediator between man and God, our Lord Jesus 1 Timothy 2:5.
My daughter knows that, this was written immediately after Michael died. It comforted her and is beautiful.
Michael can not do all these things, however Jesus can!

    No matter how much I screwed up,
    you were there for me.
    I'm sorry I wasn't the best sister that I could be.
    Your life was hard and unfair.
    Some turned their backs and acted like they didn't care.
    But I want you to understand that I love you more than you know.
    It was a privilege on my half to watch you grow
    into what would be the most innocent, sweet, man on this earth.
    I don't think you even knew your worth.
    Mikey I love you and I'll miss you every day.
    I need you to be with me every step of the way.
    Be our families strength, be our guiding light.
    Please make sure Jordan sleeps safely at night.
    Help Christian grow into a kind and diligent young man.
    Keep Kitty from harm if you can.
    Make Scotty strong.
    Keep me, your sister from doing wrong.
    Comfort all of us in this time of sorrow.
    Show Mom and Mitch a brighter, better tomorrow.
    For Charity and Martin the ones who always looked out for you.
    Bring their lives joy and happiness too.
    I don't understand why this had to happen to you
    the best of us first three.
    But it's for the best,
    you have been set free!
    No more medicine, no tumors, no pain,
    no cancer that you couldn't beat.
    For you on your birthday you'll be dancing on Golden Streets.
    I know God has good taste; he took one of his best.
    He needed an Angel, that's why he laid you to rest.

    Well Michael I know you're in God's hands and you'll be okay.
    So goodbye, I love you,
    are the last words I'm going to say.

    by Jessica Spooner
    September 2001
    age 17

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