Michael Anthony
September 23, 1980 - September 17, 2001

We Love YOU!

Michael's first car!
Grandma and Grandpa gave him
the car for his 18th Birthday.
He looks pretty happy!

Michael's good friend Kristin,
and one of the last people to see Him.

These are a few pictures I scanned that my daughter Charity had.

sending a kiss...

Here's a jump back in time.
I think Michael would have made a great dad!.
This is when Michael was 4, Charity 5,
and Jessica around 3 months.

Charity had taught Michael how to ride a bike.
He crashed a lot, but he loved it.

Lord, above in Heaven's grand hall...
lend an ear to sorrow's call.
Help each mother hear below...
that had to let their children go.
Glory is wonderful this we know...
but Lord, we miss our children so.
While our children and angel's sing...
we must experience sorrow's sting.

So in your graceful loving way...
touch each mother here today.
Lord you know we try our best...
but each new day brings another test.
So many tears we have cried since they day our child has died.
Lord, this grief is just as hard to bare...
as when our child came to you there.

You know grief's sorrow that's true...
but Lord, what are we to do?
It is so very sad you know...
to live a life in death's shadow.
Send your mightiest angel warrior throng...
to fight grief's battle,
oh so long. Lord you are ever mindful of our pain...
soothe the hurt of sorrow's stain.

Thank you Lord for all you do,
to help us mother's make it through.
In your graceful loving way...
help us take it day by day.


~Charlene Dickerson~2002
~Mark's Mom~

If Heaven's windows were opened and we could view inside, we would see loved ones rejoicing by the Father's side.

Mark's Prayer
M y home is now in Heaven above
with the Heavenly Father I love.
Angels walk with me each day
along this heavenly golden highway.
Remember I am waiting for you
when from earth you leave... your duties through.
Keep my memory in your care
for Heaven is real... and I'll meet you there.

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