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Michael's 22nd birthday...
(I am working on this page right now) it has taken a half a year to be able to talk about it. ...

I took a box of stuff Michael had stashed away to his "birthday and life celebration" this last Sept (2002) the kids who were teen staffers at camp all went through it. They had a wonderful time, pulling out things from the box.
There were pieces of plastic, bottles of water, a piece of carpeting, rocks, along with notes, place setting complete with silverware, pictures... lots and lots of pictures... and so much more.
Before they went through the stuff it didn't mean much to me other than it was Michael's.
But I watched as they held each item as if it were gold, then told a story. I wish so much that I could have gotten all their stories on film.
The carpet was from their prayer room, where they had shared their most innermost secrets in prayer to our Heavenly Father .

One of the guys in charge had given Michael a piece that was left over and Michael had used it as a prayer rug, not only in fun but also in real prayer. It went around the room to the 21 kids there and some held it so respectfully that I cried.
The water in the 2 bottles came from the lake and the swimming pool. I used the water after everyone went home to plant the flowers I bought to go where we put Michael's ashes. So he could keep the water and the memories with him.(silly I know)

I think I'm ready to record all the stories I remember. and I think I will take pictures of the items also.

Well I never got to it.... it is now Sept 2003, I wrote a poem...

We had a party for my son
a grand affair I held last year.
Many youth from all over showed
but the guest of honor couldn't appear.

Cake was made, had chip's and pop
memories were the itinerary
laughter as moments from the past
were gifts from guest to me.

Those gifts so very precious
are now but memories
thought of often with love and laughter
but not without sad tears.

I would like a party for my son
to be held again this year
but the youth are now busy with their own lives
and the guest of honor can't appear

Patricia Bird
September 2003
in memory of Michael

Here's looking at you Michael!

Michael is the one who taught Christian to do this,
He says "yeah baby" as he winks.
Only Michael would think of teaching a 2&1/2 year old that!