The notes were written at Michael's memorial service.
There are 36 notes on these two pages

I am blessed to have known your son. He taught me some valuable lessons as a very young man.
Lessons, I have since recognized most people don't learn until later in life.
He taught me to face the worst circumstance the same as I would face the best.
With humility and a thankful heart.

Peace be with you,
autor of a cute song called "Mike Mike" Click here (1.4 megs)
This was written about Michael when they were at Circle C. Each thing in it has a meaning to it.

To me, Michael is the little boy who used to come over and take clairnet lessons. He and I played "duo" together and so wanting to learn. THen he would "hang" around and we would talk- just talk. THen as he grew older, into young man who just months ago spoke honestly of dating , respect for women, and he has chosen to save himself for his wife. They would "learn" together.
What a tribute to a young man of this time.
He will always be "BoBo" so much in my head for how he nurtured and cared for Kitty and Christian.
Love Never Fails, Karen Valentine