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March 08...

Eliana and Edwin Chacon

High winds killed a beautiful young lady while she slept in the trailer park behind our property. Her little brother was in the bunk bed above her.

We are so sad beautiful and precious Eliana is gone.
We are very thankful Edwin has survived.

However it has been a hard time for him and my heart hurts so much for him. He is such a special little guy and my youngest son's best friend.

I had told my son's teacher, Mr. Brandt, before the accident,

that Edwin was my favorite of all Christian's friends because he is creative, loves to pretend, and build things instead of just wanting to play video games. I love his personality; he is a fun little guy. The kind of kid I love to have around.

There is so much that has happened.... so much pain due to one night of fatal winds. A young lady is now missing... my heart goes out to her mother as her mom waits for any word of her or her safety. She is Eliana’s best friend... she took her death so hard and in her confusion ran away. My prayers go out for her safety and speedy return. Also for her mother and peace in her heart and soul.

For Margareta, Eliana's mom, as she deals with something no mother should ever have to deal with... something I know so well.

For Edwin... I watch him and hold back tears. He is so dear to my heart. What must be going through his mind... he doesn't speak his emotions.

For his big brother Allen... I so wanted to just take Allen's pain and hold it for him as he had to step into a parenting roll to make arrangements and hold a family together. He did a fine job, he too is a young man to be proud of.




It was so heart stirring to see Edwin at his sister's funeral caressing the jewelry box I had placed a picture of his sister in where the mirror was crushed in the destruction of their trailer. It turned out beautiful. The box was a beautiful red and so was the dress Eliana had on. She looked gorgeous in it.

I so want to help Edwin as he heals; but he is not my child. I will do what I can and be there for him when he needs.




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