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      Michael's Story

People have been wanting me to tell our story. You can find it in bits and pieces through out the site. However I think I can write about it now.

Michael died of NeuroFibroSarcomas on the sciatic nerve. This is a cancer that is very rare. It wasn't supposed to happen according to the doctors from his youth.

When Michael was 3 months old he almost died, we were in and out of hospitals for 2 years and none of the doctors knew what was wrong with him.

When he reached 9 he had a horrible staff infection and a little after that time the doctors found dozens of "fatty mass tumors' on the back of his head

(Charity is taking the picture, that is why Michael is sticking out his tongue)

At 11 they found a brain tumor on his optic nerve. This caused him head aches all his short life.

We were told by the doctors when we found out he had NeuroFibroMitosis that the tumors would not turn into cancer. However they could and would grow when he reached 20,40, or 60.

this could cause him to go blind, deaf, paralyzed, or die.

A little after he turned 20 he came to me and said, "Look Mom I'm still alive."

He never reached 21.

NeuroFibro Sarcomas are very aggressive, very painful, and very deadly.

As I sit here writing this I can't help crying over the fact that Michael is gone,

I know he is in Heaven and he is loved far more than the Angels are. But the pain inside me doesn't care... it just keeps hurting.

This was taken in March 2001 and is the last family picture before the one taken on his last day on this earth.

We didn't even know that something was seriously wrong with him.
Look in his eyes, he is hurting from lifting Christian, his little brother. But he never told us. We didn't know anything until he decided to tell us about the large tumor on his leg only 2 short months later.

It was only 5 months from the time we learned he had cancer to his death.
What happened in those 5 short months I could write a book.
The doctors didn't give us a chance, each doctor we saw said that nothing they knew of could work, but they had some kind of treatment for us to try.
We saw over 20 doctors and each said something different. I wanted my son to live, but they were so confusing. I didn't know what to do.
We came back time after time to the words that nothing could save him and the doctors didn't give me any kind of time for his life.
They kept telling me that it was "guarded". I guess that means they had no idea.
I felt so helpless, So I tried the "alternative route", thinking for sure that God would save him through that.

Surely God would not let My Wonderful Son die, But God did, Why? I don't know...
If you are searching for a cure when the doctors say there is none, I can not help you.
I do not know what works because I tried everything and Nothing saved his life. ( Essiac Tea was the only thing that made the tumor on his leg shrink, however one tumor had already eaten his backbone, so there wasn't enough time for that treatment to save him)

I will tell you NOT to go to the Young Life Clinic in Utah, They didn't take Michael's illness serous, until after "Dr." Young himself examined Michael. Then when he left they went back to slacking off.

They even told us that Michael DID NOT have cancer! What an emotional rollercoster we got on!
We waisted valuable time there that we could have had here at home.
They dehydrated Michael and shortened his life. Did useless "cures" that caused Michael pain.
Michael died 2 weeks after we came home from the Clinic.

    (here I am inserting my response to an e-mail that I got about exposing Dr. Young and Young Living Research Clinic.)

    "Dr." Young is no doctor, I read he got his degree from the mail. They dehydrated Michael, caused him much pain, and shortened his life. He died 2 weeks after we brought him home. They gave us stuff that could have eaten trough his stomach. These things did not just happen, they were done to him. This was very wrong. They didn't really take an interest in Michael and what was wrong with him, they just acted like they knew what to do to make him better and did what they wanted, I was so vulnerable that I just went along with what ever they said, They preyed on my vulnerability, that is what was so wrong. If I was in my right mind I would have seen what they were doing. I am a researcher, I would have checked everything out better. I DO NOT blame myself. I just wanted to save my child. They didn't care. I blame them. But I have to be so very careful, if I go for revenge then it will only hurt me with all the bitterness it will breed in me. If I go after them with the mentality of helping others not get suckered in, then there will be no place for bitterness to control me.

I thought God had arranged for us to go there because there was 10 thousand dollars raised to send him there.

Now that is a great story, but it hurts to tell it because, with all that he still died.
Yes I know that when your time is up there is nothing you can do to change it.
But that knowledge Does Not help with the horrible hurt!

Well, that is all I can type now, to many tears...
I will try later...

I'm starting to write our story