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Yes, we Americans are hurting our children and we DON'T even know it!
    When did you take your kids to McDonald's last?
    How about a lunch of hot dogs, potato chips, pop, with a snicker bar for desert?
    Did you use cranola oil to fry those french fries?
    fast food, processed food, processed sugar, refined starch...
    These are no friends to our children or our own health.
    In fact they are big enemies!
    We love giving our children the things that make them happy, face it, what brightens the eyes of little ones more than a Happy Meal or a lolly pop from the bank window?

    Can they afford the short term pleasure when it has horrible consequences later in life?

    I have found out that an improper diet also leads to most every physical health problem.
    Processed foods lower your immune system. Without a good immune system you open your body up to colds, flu, and so many other horrible problems such as CANCER!

    fast food, processed food, refined starch... all these create vitamin deficiencies that alter the brain's biochemistry.
    This leads to depression, unclear thinking, and fatigue. Both mental and physical health is affected.
    Consider alternatives!

    I use raw sugar, cane juice, honey, and maple syrup.
    These are great tasting and so much better for children!

    Something else to think about changing is milk products
    Since I took my kids off milk they have not gotten ANY colds!!!

    We drink "Silk" which is soy milk. Some people have to get used to the taste, however we didn't. I let the kids put "Oveltine" in it and they drink it down. It's also great on cereal.

    Good wheat bread made from your own ground wheat! It's not that hard, really! The texture may be heaver but the taste is heartier and better.
    I use an electric coffee grinder I bought at Wal-Mart for $11 to grind the wheat.
    Find a good recipe, do a little work to perfect it to your family's taste. It's worth the time and trouble.
    However this is a hard practice to be consistent with. This is not always an option at difficult times of your life.

    I use olive oil to cook and fry with, to some people it takes a little to get used to but it is so worth it!!

    Your body loves natural food! It can process it and make it into what your body needs to grow and heal! Make your own "Happy Meal"!
    Pack a lunch that is good and nutritious in a white bag that has stickers or other decorations on it, and put a new $1 toy in it. Then set back and watch the faces brighten!
    They not only eat right and have fun, they get a toy you know they will like!

    If we can minimize the many things that cause cancer to become a reality in our lives it is worth so very much. I never thought for one minute that any of my children would get cancer, but one did. He loved fast food, candy, and not a lot of what was real good for your body. He also had many CAT scans, X-rays, and other medical "helpers" that actually cause cancer.
    Chemicals that we use on children, such as head lice shampoo are known for causing actual cases of cancer.((massage mayonnaise into the hair and put on shower cap overnight, works for lice!!! Repeat all you need, kills lice and it will not hurt the child))

    There are many other chemicals that pollute our children, the water they drink, shampoo and tooth paste they use, so many things!

    We have to take the way of thinking "everything causes cancer so why bother?" out of our lives.

    Yes cancer is rampant in America, we have to ask ourselves why....
    What can we do to make it safer for our little ones...

    Essiac Tea

    This is the ONLY thing that I have seen that REALLY works on cancer!!!

    It has actually healed 2 different cancers on someone I know and It was shrinking my son's tumor before his back broke. I have the recipe if you want it I will send it to you. Let me know.
    It really does work!!, I just wish we had known about Michael's cancer before it had reached the 4th stage.

    To get the recipe click here