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Click here to listen to MIKE MIKE...by Stewart Redwine! (1.4 megs)
This was written about Michael when they were at Circle C. Each thing in it has a meaning to it.
Click here to listen to Poolside...by Stewart Redwine (2.7 megs)
This has Mike mentioned in it.

Michael love Youth for Christ.
He love BackStage Cafe, Club 121, and Circle C Ranch.
Besides the fact that he loved God and following Him
I think it was because he could be himself there.
People loved him and he loved them.
From what I hear, he was a legend there....

This page is for all you camp friends.
I need to hear from you,
What would you like to see on this page? Let me know

If you knew him I would love to get some stories of him from you. From dancing on the table tops of DownStage Cafe before Christian concerts... to skits preformed about him... to blessings in your life... from the comical to the serious. Please e-mail me these storys.

I will have a game of "Find Michael" with his cool camp pics.
I put it up as soon as I can.

One of Michael's friends from camp, has a ministry in YouthFront... check him out...

To find out about Youth for Christ which is now called YouthFront click here
if you don't have flash click here