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These are some of the awards I have recieved.
If you sent me awards please forgive me if I have not posted them. I tend to loose things, it is part of being a bereaved parent...

I do thank everyone so much for the awards they mean a lot to me.

I have put a lot of time and love into this site and enjoy when I recieve your appreciation.

Dear Patricia,
Thanks so much for this beautiful fan. It is awesome. You did such a wonderful job on Rashid's schoolpicture and although I thought it was the worst picture to use in this fan it came out the best.
I am so glad you did this for me.

I had another look at Michael's homepage and I admire your new pages.
The poem "please say his name" is absolutely wonderful.
I wish I could write poetry like that.

The part about Michael's 22nd birthday party is so touching. It brought tears to my eyes. Michael really knew how to leave memories for others behind to remember him by, special things. He must have been so brave planning all this for you, all by himself. He has my admiration.

Reading about Michael and about other children whose homepages I came across on the internet, I learned that these children were so special: so warm, loving and so much loved by others. Why is it that these children had to die young?

I would like to present you with one of my awards for Michael's pages, because you really touched my heart.
Love, Marianne, Rashid's mom

Please forgive me for not posting the wonderful comments that were made by the sweet ladies who gave me these awards, I lost them before I could post them.
To me what they said was the most wonderful award I could have recieved.

Thank you Pammi!